Relaxed Breastfeeding Preparation
with West Philly Lactation & April Rosenblum, IBCLC

      Let's be honest: If breastfeeding was as predictable as most prenatal classes make it sound, you wouldn't really need a class. Breastfeeding can be full of surprises - so we designed our class to give parents the tools to prevent breastfeeding problems before they start.


     West Philly Lactation's out-of-the-ordinary prenatal breastfeeding class is appropriate for both new and experienced parents, and can be taken in addition to, or instead of, the class at your place of delivery. Class relies heavily on humor, and  is designed to empower not just the person breastfeeding but those who will be by your side through the early weeks. 


Highlights include:

  • tricks to make the very special first week go smoothly 
  • the essential roles of your partner or support people
  • why typical feeding positions can make breastfeeding harder, and how to use your body to make it easier for your baby
  • why the idea of 'supply and demand' can be wrong
  • a copy of West Philly Lactation's Guide to the First you don't have to remember any of this when you're sleep-deprived.
     You'll leave class at ease with what's normal - and relaxed and prepared, with special skills up your sleeve, for the moments when breastfeeding *doesn't* go as easily as it should. 


Private: Speak to me if you have Aetna or Blue Cross insurance - this class may be partially or fully covered. Out of pocket: $200 for one family, with up to 3 participants. 

Semi-Private (two families): $100 per family, up to 2 participants per family.

Group Class (three or four families): $75 per family, up to 2 participants per family.

Prenatal Lactation Consults - $125

We work with you in your home or our office to help you craft a plan for getting breastfeeding off to an excellent start. Prenatal consults are appropriate for those who have a special circumstance which is likely to pose a challenge, or who had a particularly difficult previous breastfeeding experience and suspect that similar challenges might arise this time. Examples of parents who request prenatal consults include:

  • Scheduled C-section
  • Breast reduction
  • Adoptive breastfeeding / Induced lactation
  • Mammary hypoplasia (partially developed breast tissue)
  • Diagnosed health condition in the baby
  • Two-dad families working to obtain breastmilk for their baby
Rates are subject to change - please ask for the current one. 
These rates are current as of 6/27/13.