Prepare for breastfeeding

with expert support from April Rosenblum, IBCLC

About April Rosenblum, IBCLC

April Rosenblum is a board certified lactation consultant whose work with families has earned her recognition as Philadelphia's "Best Lactation Consultant," and whose advice has been featured in the New York Times' Wirecutter.

April was inspired to become an IBCLC after unexpected challenges feeding her first child. Determined to prevent unnecessary troubles for other families, she had the honor of studying with trailblazing thinkers in lactation, including Catherine Watson Genna, Kay Hoover, and the stellar Pennsylvania Hospital team. She is known for her special interests in infant oral motor issues, helping people to induce lactation, and supporting parents of all genders to comfortably meet their feeding goals. 

Throughout the growth of her private practice, April has been moved by how many of her clients' long-term struggles are rooted in early crises that could have been avoided. She believes that empowering parents with easy-to-follow tools before birth is the key to making breastfeeding work for more families.

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