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Breastfeeding Information

General Breastfeeding Questions: - Evidence-based information on all major breastfeeding questions.

Medications & Breastfeeding: - Website with live phone helpline for questions about safety of medications when breastfeeding. Call 806-352-2519 during business hours (Central Time).

Appropriate Growth Charts: The World Health Organization child growth standards (presented here in pounds & ounces) are now considered the global norm for infant growth. They are based on healthy breastfed babies. Ask your pediatrician if he/she is using this chart, or the outdated formula-based charts that inaccurately make breastfed babies appear to falter in growth. (For premies see the Fenton growth chart.)


Hand-Expression: - Good video instructions for a method of hand-expression that many moms find easy and effective.

Reverse Pressure Softening: - Helps to soften and loosen an engorged breast so that milk flows more easily, pain decreases and baby has less trouble latching. Created by K. Jean Cotterman RNC, IBCLC.

Guidelines for Safe Co-Sleeping: - Skip to the bottom for a helpful safety checklist.

Are Your Pump Flanges the Right Size? PLEASE NOTE: THE GRAPHIC SHOWS WHAT YOUR NIPPLE & FLANGE SHOULD LOOK LIKE ABOUT 12 MINUTES INTO PUMPING, *WHILE THE PUMP IS STILL ATTACHED TO YOU AND WORKING,*  not what things look like at the start, when nipples are smaller. Although this link comes from Ameda, I do not endorse any specific brand of breastpump. 

The "I Love You" Massage for babies with gas or GI distress:

Recommended Links (non-breastfeeding):

Minimizing Toxins in Your Family's Life: - An easy-to-understand website with an extensive, searchable archive of past questions and answers.

New York Times opinion piece on inflammation, gut health and the autism spectrum: This is a well-written entry point to a cutting-edge discussion on gut health and its relationship to autism and auto-immune disorders. "An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism," by Moises Velasquez-Manoff, 8/25/12

Aha! Parenting - Tips on relationship-based parenting from Dr. Laura Markham. You can also sign up for her weekly newsletter with very practical parenting advice.

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